Neon Clouds

by Blue Hole

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It will never take me 14 months to release a record again.

I started recording this album whilst in the process of recording Blue Hole, because this album initially started life as a modular recording inspired by The SMiLE Sessions, (hence Frigid Dream & Cognitive Reflux.) Shortly after releasing Blue Hole in May, I went to California for a year with my family, no instruments or anything. It was pretty nightmarish, but that's a story for a different day.

I came home in February and resumed work on the record in April, after I got my recording situation set up again. I recorded False Nostalgia and released it, the first record of mine with vocals, and that sparked a lot of inspiration when I got some positive feedback for it. So on this record there's only 4 instrumental songs. I don't think i could imagine pulling that off a year ago. after trying hard to pull off the modular recording aspect of the album though, I decided that it would be too much to try to do and probably would've ended up taking another year, so i chose some of my favorite modules and stretched them to song length, and made a 12 song album rather than a 20 song modular monolith, (maybe my next project though...)

Now, finally, MY SMiLE. The seemingly unfinishable project that dragged on way too long and finally released with good result. I hope you guys enjoy the record as much as I do.


released July 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Blue Hole Lynden, Washington

A one man project creating a unique brand of transcendental astral pop existing beyond the boundaries of convention, Blue Hole is auditory bliss conceived for the purpose of mind expansion and hallucinatory replication/substitution.

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Track Name: Graduation
You're walking with my feet

You're stuck on repeat

You're staring at me

You're blaming me
Track Name: Organized In Hills
I'm waiting for you here
Paint running by my feet
Someone will come for me
Writhing in ecstasy

Waits there
Don't lose
That stare
Track Name: False Nostalgia For Teenage Summer Afternoon
All my sunny days have gone
And the glass is not half full
I don't want to lead you on
Cause I've lost the strength to pull
Track Name: Cognitive Reflux
You're so wonderful
Just you

All I want to know
Just you
Track Name: Let Me In
If I come around
Don't you
Let me in

If you hear that sound
Don't you
Let me in

If I beg to stay
Don't you
Let me in

In my day to day
Won't you
Let me in
Track Name: Sick On A Sunny Day
Look out my window
Sun stings my eyes

Head on collision
Hurts every side

Can't move my legs
Can't hardly try

Can't even swallow
Can't keep food inside

Cut off the basics
Hands to my head

Lost in the Matrix
Can't leave my bed

I'm here without you
It's dark where I hide

Look out the window
Sun stings my eyes
Track Name: Talking In Technicolor
I can't have
How it stands
You're fleeting
So dreamy

I can't stay
Look, this way
You can't see
So dreamy
Track Name: Scene II: In Flight
If you saw where I am
You'd never speak to me again

I'm so changed now
Drop your leaves and pull a plow